Company Profile

Innovation, expertise and sustainability.

Canal De Guayacuil CGU S.A. is a member of Jan De Nul Group, who shapes water and land worldwide. From complex offshore services for both fossil and renewable energy sectors, over large dredging and reclamation projects at the edge of water and land to all possible civil and environmental works onshore.

With the technical support, strong experience and high level of professionalism of Jan De Nul Group, Canal De Guayaquil CGU S.A. was founded with the specific purpose of executing the 25-year concession contract with the Municipality of Guayaquil for deepening, operating and maintaining the Guayaquil Port Access Channel. This also includes the installation of modern Vessel Traffic Service system and the collection of toll for recuperating initial investment.

Thanks to the continuous investment in people and own equipment, in combination with the intense cooperation between the different departments, Jan De Nul Group studies and executes complex multidisciplinary projects from A to Z. A total package, time after time, and in a sustainable way.

Jan De Nul Group in Ecuador

Jan De Nul Group is based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2017, the Group executed the dredging works of the Port of Manta for the Manta Port Terminal (TPM). Jan De Nul Group has been present in Ecuador ever since for dredging works in Posorja and Puerto Bolivar.